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May 21, 2011

Daily life of Armenians before 1915: Local histories, dialects, letters and more, on Houshamadyan website

by Azad Alik

Houshamadyan is a website project to reconstruct daily life and social environment of the Ottoman Armenians before 1915. The project’s research areas include social history, the history of daily life, local microhistory, dialects, music, literature and material culture. The collection and preservation of culturally valuable artifacts of all kinds produced by the Ottoman Armenians such as musical recordings of historical value, old photographs, pictures, old film footage, oral history recordings etc. are of special importance. Similarly printed books, periodical publications and archival material, or papers in individual collections such as correspondence, unpublished notes, official documents, autobiographical details are important source for Houshamadyan.

Houshamadyan places great importance on individual’s archives to enrich the project. Historian Dr. Vahe Tachjian who initiated Houshamadyan, invites each visitor to share his or her personal archives, photographs, books, memoirs and any kind of information that…

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