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June 27, 2011

Bishop and Criswell, “New Works”

by elif gül tirben

30 May 2011

Contemporary art is a production that is born out of the social life and therefore, it inevitably reflects the visual culture formed by the society. However, in today’s world where the new is constantly produced and instantly consumed, and where resisting localities, alternative discourses and practices become a meta only to be united with the system, contemporary art bares the necessity to stay at a certain distance from the visual language that society creates. Furthermore, being a step ahead of the moment is also what “contemporary” necessitates and means:

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May 30, 2011

“Anti-Hamam Confessions”, Gülsün Karamustafa, May 27–June 25, 2011, Rodeo, İstanbul

by Azad Alik

Gülsün Karamustafa

“When I was asked to do a piece on the topic of the hamam, I was very annoyed at first as it would have been the last thing that would interest me. As a citizen of Istanbul I had never been to a hamam and my family were not interested in hamams either. The hamam was completely historical for us, a place we were told stories about – but in a way we admired the architecture. City life and its conditions, what with modern apartments containing bathrooms, never raised a need for including the idea of the hamam into our lives.

Then I thought it would be interesting to share my ideas and feelings with the audience. Why I am only enchanted by the history related to hamams but how I do not like the way they exist today.

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May 25, 2011

A few e-mails on Mladen Stilinovic

by elif gül tirben

Mladen Stilinovic

Merve Ünsal, İpek Kuran, m-est, May 9, 2011

Below is an e-mail dialogue between İpek and myself. Why Mladen Stilinovic? Why publish it now? I think the answer is hidden somewhere between a rapidly developing art world, what it means to produce work in 2011 and the visceral experience of the political, the aesthetic and the human in an object as simple as a handmade book. But, I’m not quite sure.
Merve Ünsal

Dear Merve,

Last summer, I got a chance to see Mladen Stilinovic’s artist’s books at the e-flux project space. When I saw the exhibition, I already knew he was an Eastern European artist who produced during a time of war, conflict and strong political divide between, what in the 20th century might have been appropriately called, the East and the West. During a talk at Cooper Union, I saw the way he talked about being an artist at that certain time and place and the struggles he faced in representation, exhibition and recognition. This is precisely why I consider myself a partial viewer.

I read Stilinovic’s discussion of the color red in one of his books that was exhibited at e-flux and the need to de-symbolize it; I could generalize his arguments to re-evaluate the role all prior knowledge in

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May 18, 2011


by Azad Alik

sevinç altan

keşke bir ‘yıkma emri’ dolayımında konuşmasaydık mehmet aksoy’un heykelini.
ama yapılanlar ve yapılanlara karşı geliştirilen tepkiler bizi dilsiz bırakıyor.
her iki tavra karşı da(ki örtüşüyorlar) sözüm var.

bence başbakan ve mehmet aksoy aynı iktidar dilini kullanıyor. biri ‘çıktığı’ kürsüyle, diğeri ‘diktiği’ heykelle. biri öyle bir ses tonlamasıyla, öyle bir tepeden ve dikine konuşuyor ki kanınız donuyor, diğeri öyle bir heykel ‘dikiyor’ ki, ancak c4’le yıkılabileceğini kendisinin söylediği; devasa ve beton. ikisi de dikey bir dil: totaliter.

sanatın dili akışkandır, kıvrımlıdır, iktidarın yüksek ve dikey diline karşı yatay bir dil kurmalıdır.

ben artık özellikle ‘kamusal alan’ denen yerde bir şeyler ‘dikmek’tense yıkmaktan yanayım. tabii bu başbakanın ‘tez yıkıla’ sı  ile karıştırılmamalıdır.
ve ben ucubeden, tuhaftan yanayım.

ucube kendiliğinden iktidarın karşısında durur, kanonik, akademik, iktidar odaklı sanat anlayışına muhaliftir, tehdittir.

grotesk de ucube de iktidar ve iktidar olan sanat anlayışı tarafından tehdit olarak görülmüştür hep ve hala da öyle görülür. tarihte ucube, muhalif sanat akımlarıyla ve tarafından savunulmuştur(bosch’un tuhaf, ucube dünyasının tekrar sahiplenilmesi gibi) savunulmalıdır.

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