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May 9, 2011

A New Study from the Gomidas Institute: “Talaat Pasha’s Report on the Armenian Genocide, 1917”

by Azad Alik

In 2008 Murat Bardakci, the Turkish journalist and historian, published a facsimile of a report on Ottoman Armenians from Talaat Pasha’s private archives. The report had been given to Bardakci by Talaat’s widow in 1982. In his own presentation of the untitled and undated report, Bardakci acknowledged that the materials he was presenting were open to interpretation. He called the report “A General Account of the Armenian Population after the Population Transfer [Tehcir] (possibly 1915-1916).”[1] Bardakci’s work was somewhat derided by Turkish nationalist historians and generally ignored by others.[2]

A more recent study re-examined Talaat’s report using Ottoman records for a completely different interpretation. The new study identified sufficient evidence that Talaat’s report was based on a special survey he had ordered in February 1917 and it produced some of the reports that appear to have been produced after the survey was ordered. These reports, from the Turkish archives, showed identical or near identical statistics to Talaat’s report.

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